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My new outlook on fashion began with the first pair of Wayfarers that I'd purchased in LA. I then lived in Manchester for a while and grew to love the grungy alternative English style. Europe gave me a new perspective on fashion exposing me to styles such as the Spanish hippy and Parisian class. Now I feel more aware of looks, styles and trends and hope to explore those observations through this blog. Enjoy!


Perfect Prada Platforms

God created Prada. Prada created these shoes. Oh my god they are ....

a m a z i n g.



It's been a while....

Yes yes, readers. It has been a while. I'm so sorry for the lack of love :( I'm feeling ashamed.

Thought I'd update you on my very recent wardrobe purchases.... I've been naughty. I'm getting like really obsessed with shopping online. BAD HABIT!! My excuses are run along the likes of "there's an insane heatwave here during winter", "i don't have a summer wardrobe", "everything's old"... you know. The usual.

Check out the fruity goodness that a credit card can get you. Hey, you can't stop this girl. Especially when Topshop now dispatch to Australia. Ohhhh yehhh! Now, let's just pray it fits and looks nice on! That's the risk you've got to take....


Sorry for my abscence

Well my blogging has pretty much died of late... I've been insanely busy with full time work and learning French and welcoming home friends that my mind has been completely absent from blogging. I can't promise anything but I'll try get back into it. I'm sad - to be honest though I'm not sure I have much time anymore....

We'll see.


Ebay purchases

I bought these bad boys on ebay. CAN'T freaking wait to get them. Pray that they fit.

Finally I've found a pair of vintage boots!! I've been on the search for a while now and was well convinced on purchasing a pair of dc martens but i hope these do the trick.

And yes, I've succumb to the fad that is denim jackets ... so I purchased this old Levi's one on ebay for $1 (+$10 postage - that's where they get ya) this one:

I know it's a little ugly but I think I will make it into a vest by taking off the sleeves and putting some texture through it by rubbing it with sandpaper to it to rough it up - perhaps use some bleach to add further detail. Any ideas are welcome :)

RIP Farrah

Everyone's going on about Michael.

RIP Fawcett. You will remain ever beautiful in my eyes. Such a natural beauty...
it seems rarer and rarer these days.



I really do love lace

No need to comment on why... this is just stunning.

Source via ilikeyoursundaypersonalitybetter


Alexa Chung

British model / tv host Alexa Chung is a babe. I love her style, her look, her accent. Everything about her oozes cool. She's just got it all going on. Check her out. above pic source

(and she wore this to a festival... does that look like silk chiffon?)

(excuse my ignorance i dont know who she is with here - presumably the bf? one of the strokes? i feel pretty stupid for not knowing but anyway her outfit is hot!)

(With Kelly in the cutes little black dress. Check out her laced heels - it's a winner!)



Natsui love

I walked past the Elio Moda shop in Brisbane City and literally found love in the form of a beautiful pair of black suede lattice booties. The photo totally doesn't do it justice.

And an added perk - these shoes are by Australian designer Natsui. RRP $300. I can't afford them :( And although they are my love and the most perfect pair of heels i've ever seen, I'm going to resist, be a good girl, and hold back on this potentially lethal purchase.




Uni is over for the semester!! Sorry I've been away guys :( I've had little sleep and my back is aching from poorly sitting at my desk trying to finish my final design project. It was a big one I'm not gonna lie. Anyway, cutting a long story short - I'd rather be in France...

(Like me here, in Versailles with my friend the swan)

So Uni's over and I haven't properly shopped in like, 3 weeks. I love shoes, have a little obsession. My sister and her friend had to clean my wardrobe out while I was away last year and sorted them all in their boxes .... Some of them:

But what I really is more shoes, (a girl can never have enough) - these Californian made Esquivel shoes...

Now I know they look a bit manly, and yes they probably are... but manly is totally in fashion right? Katie Holmes rocks boyfriend jeans - I've even seen Victoria Beckham in David's. Yes finally, comfy is in! So I like these shoes that are unusually cute - probably a few hundred dollars but I still want a pair. I'd figure out a way to wear them.



My jewellery box

And following on from my last post while I was photographing my neat little scarf collection I also took the liberty to take some nice shots of my favourite jewellery for you. As you know I love jewellery. (And yes I'm probably spelling jewellery wrong because it appears that my spell checker is telling me it's spelt jewelery but I think that's American spelling right?)

Anyway I'm going off track.... Have a look.

Watch: Calvin Klein (purchased in Los Angeles)
Rings: (L>R) a sixpence coin by Von Treskow , my favourite a bow by Stolen Girlfriends Club, gold with little diamonds from an ex-boyfriend, silver with stone from an old highschool boyfriend and a flower vintage one from Grandma
Earrings: Rose shaped, black stone (purchased in Barcelona)
Pendant: "T" from Mimco
Pearls: Mad Monnies (my Aunties bead shop)
Jade beads: Hong Kong (gift from an Aunty)


Did I tell you I'm obsessed with scarves? Surely I would've? I have the biggest collection. I think in total there are about 25.... I have vintage scarves, new scarves, friends scarves, silk scarves, wool scarves. Scarves from Paris, Manchester, Madrid, Brisbane, Hong Kong and Thailand. Some of the high street labels include Oroton, Sportscraft and Diane Von Furtensburg. The list could go on. So without further ado I will show you these many scarves.

This one didn't make the group shot... I was wearing it. It's probably one of my favourites. I found it in a little vintage shop in Madrid, Spain.


Casio watches are so cool

I couldn't decide so I bought them both.... Hell, why not? They're so cheap and so damn cool!

And below is was the one I bought the last time - I love it!


Gemma Ward

All I have to say is:
Gemma Ward you do Australia proud.


I desire lace

I really want some lacey tights. They're such a cute way to add texture to an outfit this season and vastly gaining popularity. But I have an issue with paying a shit load for them considering they look so delicate and therefore get a run after an hour of wearing! The ones I've seen go up to $80 a pair and that's not even for a brand I am familiar with... So i'm on the hunt (feel free to make suggestions) for a nice, well priced pair of lace tights.

So far I've found...

(How HOT are these Emma Cook tights!! Ahh I want!) Source

(These Doo Ri tights have bling!) Source

(And I know this isn't lace but how sexy is that lace blouse. Wow I'm impressed by Roksanda Ilincic who I've never even heard of before now!) Source

(These are a little bit cute as well by Aquascutum) Source

(Oh yeah and this is just sexy. What a babe. Seriously this chic oozes hotness and that lace dress is a m a z i n g. Jill Stuart your Fall RTW collection is fantastic!) Source

And now it's not just the tights I want. Thanks to the New York Fall RTW 09 Runway looks for showing me all these wonderful outfits, I now have a desire for all things lace more than anything else. God help my credit card.

So Frenchy, So Chic

So... incase you haven't noticed I'm kinda immersing myself in all things French! Not just because I (deep down I don't like admitting this because some of the people were really damn rude) like Paris.... But I want to work there one day and so I've enrolled in a course to learn the language, downloaded a heap of podcasts, bought the album "So Frenchy, So Chic". Getting right into it no? And also the other day I watched this most gorgeous French movie called Vénus beauté (institut) with Audry Tautou. Ohhh she's so adorable!! I love her innocence in this film she was such a sweet character.

In light of this I have embarked to know more about
Mademoiselle Tautou. She's just so gorgeous - she has a real classic beauty about her that I can't say I see in many actors these days.

(that dress like wow - did they hand sew all those discs on?!)

(her face is flawless - this dress is so soft and beautiful - so complimentry)

(wish I had legs like her damn)


(naw stop it you)

So yes, that's Audrey for you. Stunning and sweet. And French. And famous.... What a lucky girl. Pourquoi pas moi?



Why can't we have this sort of selection in Australia? The sheer amount of vintage clothes in Paris is incredible. And it's not just crappy second hand clothes we regularly see here in Oz, but it's the real deal - good quality vintage. I was very fortunate to be able to check it out while I was there but it was at the end of my trip and my bags were overloaded and credit card maxed... I couldn't purchase anymore :( ...Although I did get 3 scarfs they're easy to pack.


When we went to Paris we found this gorgeous little vintage market that had a huge selection of these amazing hats! WHY DID I NOT PURCHASE A HAT??? That's right. We didn't get one. I feel like an idiot. They were so special. I'll have to get one when I'm back there.... One day.

(I'm not a massive fan of this photo as my hair looks like a mop but it's about the hat - what a cute hat!)

How cool are these!



Are. The. Most. Comfortable. Brand. Of. Shoes.

Well they should be considering they are designed and made by a London ballet shoe company. So I bought my first pair in Melbourne a couple weeks ago and I'm pretty sure they won't be my last. I bought some patent black flats that have three cute little buckles but they have loads of other styles - see below.


Chloe Sevigny

Well I've stumbled across Ms Chloe Sevigney a few times while traversing the realm of the internet today and I decided to go stalking for some hot photos. It wasn't hard. The girl knows what works and what doesn't. She looks good so effortlessly. And such a natural beauty.

This one did it for me. Damn she's super cute and I really love this outfit.


And this one. She's pulled off the girly-sporty look well.


And like.... wow check her out here - what a sex bomb.


And i love love love this 70s inspired outfit. The hair is amazing and those high waisted red pants. Only she could do this.