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My new outlook on fashion began with the first pair of Wayfarers that I'd purchased in LA. I then lived in Manchester for a while and grew to love the grungy alternative English style. Europe gave me a new perspective on fashion exposing me to styles such as the Spanish hippy and Parisian class. Now I feel more aware of looks, styles and trends and hope to explore those observations through this blog. Enjoy!


Ebay purchases

I bought these bad boys on ebay. CAN'T freaking wait to get them. Pray that they fit.

Finally I've found a pair of vintage boots!! I've been on the search for a while now and was well convinced on purchasing a pair of dc martens but i hope these do the trick.

And yes, I've succumb to the fad that is denim jackets ... so I purchased this old Levi's one on ebay for $1 (+$10 postage - that's where they get ya) this one:

I know it's a little ugly but I think I will make it into a vest by taking off the sleeves and putting some texture through it by rubbing it with sandpaper to it to rough it up - perhaps use some bleach to add further detail. Any ideas are welcome :)


Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

loving the boots!!

Anonymous said...

aah the boots are perfect, so nice! also i see my outfit in your lookbook hype,,thank you xx

Anthony Lee said...

nice boots

katie d said...

the boots are great!!


Canvas art said...
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