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My new outlook on fashion began with the first pair of Wayfarers that I'd purchased in LA. I then lived in Manchester for a while and grew to love the grungy alternative English style. Europe gave me a new perspective on fashion exposing me to styles such as the Spanish hippy and Parisian class. Now I feel more aware of looks, styles and trends and hope to explore those observations through this blog. Enjoy!


Stolen Girlfriends Club

I walked past Violent Green (Elizabeth St Arcade, Brisbane City) this morning while getting my Campos Coffee (the best in Oz!) and was instantly drawn to the cutest little ring in their window. It was an immediate connection. I was in love. Unfortunately the shop was closed but in my lunch break I went back to suss it out the price. It was a little expensive but when a girl's got her heart set on something...... The brand is Stolen Girlfriends Club. They create seriously stylish jewelery. See for yourselves.

(I'm getting this one!)



Secret Squirrel

I love Michi Girl. She keeps me sane by updating me daily on the cutest must have fashion items. Today she showed me a gorgeous Secret Squirrel dress and immediately I googled, found and awed...

Why haven't I stumbled across this Australian label before? Secret Squirrel is so damn cute. I love their Winter 09 collection "Darker Than Blue". I love how everything is with black tights and black shoes. Coincidentally today I'm wearing a sweet little cream dress with black tights and black patent shoes... Noticing a winter trend? Check it out for yourself.



So I'm going to Melbourne next week to visit my darling friend whose birthday it is soon to be. She reminded me of this great boutique she shops in and a spark lit up in my brain. I stumbled across this cool little "Very Melbourne" boutique Fat when I was in Melbourne a couple of years ago while exploring the old GPO there. They stock a good range contemporary Australian designers showcasing some great basics tees by Bassike through to quirky Romance Was Born ponchos. They sell clothes, shoes, bags, jewellery, gadgets... and lots of ecceltic finds. Oh and I saw on their online store that they stock miss Vivienne Westwood plastic shoes as well! These guys are definitely in the know.

(My internet is shit slow so I will post some relevant pictures when it decides to fasten up... Sorry.)


Reiss Radvanyi


i heard they eat cigarettes

Sorry I've been away. I blame it on my shit internet. Once again the family has maxed out the monthly limit a week before it ticks over to next month. Such a pain in my arse!

Ok so ....I stumbled across Melbourne brand I heard they eat cigarettes when I was stalking around Facebook one fair afternoon. I found their fan group where they've uploaded some of their Winter 09 collection and instantly fell "in like" with them. I wouldn't say "in love" because to say that would mean something pretty out of this world. It would be a very big deal for me and I'm not yet willing to say it... Anyway, see what you think! (I really want the hooligan boots. Badly.)



Claude Maus

I like the AW 09 collection by Australian designer Claude Maus... It reminds me of Amsterdam style because the pants are very popular over there in The Netherlands. The look is quite European. Usually I wouldn't go for something like this, but the outfits work well. They're enhanced through the use of monotone and black on black - very popular this season. The leather skinny's are pretty sweet also.



London chic

Ok I couldn't help myself. I found this cool East London designer Belle Sauvage and fell for her eccentric patterns and modern style. It's pretty crazy. I wouldn't wear it all but I'd definitely wear some of it. Below is a selection from her Autumn / Winter 09-10 collection.


Gail Sorronda

Young Australian designer Gail Sorronda is making waves in the fashion scene. Hailing from Brisbane her collections using only black and white are sweet, sexy and modern. Here's a selection from her "Seventeen Crushes Crushed Into One" Spring/Summer 09 collection that I quite like!


Australian designers

Well it seems that I am blogging a lot of Aussie fashion designers... To be honest I didn't really notice until I got a comment on my last post. I just generally blog what I fancy. So, in light of that I am going to start trying to blog more specifically Aussie fashion designers in the hope that I can help get their names out there and expose the talent that my fair nation is producing.

So far you've seen me post on:
- Collette Dinnigan
- Bec & Bridge
- Karen Walker (New Zealand)
- Julie Grbac
- Tina Kalivas
- Alice McCall
- Ginger & Smart
- Sass & Bide.

I think that's a pretty good list so far. It can only grow from here! I can't make promises though. I have to say I really do like foreign designers such as Chanel and Prada. But I'll make a big effort!


Bec & Bridge

Bec & Bridge Winter 09 collection is hot. It's grungy AND sexy - could I want more in clothing items? Definitely loving the tie dye and black. Oh I especially want the ankle military style boots - if anyone knows where I can get those please tell me.



Karen Walker Spring 09

Once again, Karen Walker has pulled together a lovely Spring '09 RTW collection.

Image source


I like the brand Sretsis. I'm surprised it's not stocklisted in David Jones or Myer.... (hint). The clothes are just lovely and delicate and flirty and fun. Their have an air of class to them. I've put an order in for the cream top 3rd image down, right model. Hope it actually comes in!

Images source

The Garage Moscow Art

Ok so I know this isn't traditionally apart of my blog... but I have been checking out a lot of art recently and this caught my eye. Out of The Garage Moscow Art Exhibition - a massive sculptured-out-of-trash skull (sorry, I don't know who the artist is). I want one.



Jeans, Jeans, Jeans

I was looking around for jeans today. I didn't care what I was to spend - I live in jeans. I don't need to wear corporate clothes to work - the convenience of working in the design industry. I tried on Nudies (SO popular right now) but they just didn't fit right and I was overly excited to be an 8). It was a complicated feeling - although I wasn't going to let that force me into getting them. The shop assistant was a dick too. Perhaps I didn't look cool /rich enough to be wearing them... Oh well they were $240 which I could afford but he's going to get his money elsewhere!

I went down to this boutique (Blonde Venus, Fortitude Valley) that I haven't shopped in before. I've always walked past and been a bit intimidated to go in. The clothes are expensive to say the least. Anyway, I found the last pair of black high waisted skinny's they had by a brand called Dr. Denim Jeans Makers It is SO COOL! The fit was quite good and the price a very reasonable $125. All the way from Sweden too.

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