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My new outlook on fashion began with the first pair of Wayfarers that I'd purchased in LA. I then lived in Manchester for a while and grew to love the grungy alternative English style. Europe gave me a new perspective on fashion exposing me to styles such as the Spanish hippy and Parisian class. Now I feel more aware of looks, styles and trends and hope to explore those observations through this blog. Enjoy!


I really really really really. Want Clubmasters.

I really really really really. Want Clubmasters.

They will be my next sunglasses purchase. Most definitely.


The Stunning Ginger & Smart

I love the Ginger & Smart Ascension 09 collection. I love it all, I would wear anything. It is just so lovely - so simple and chic. I have chosen to show you some of the beautiful dresses in this collection above. (Obviously in my dreams.)


Alice McCall's details

I like these pieces from Alice McCall's F/W 09 collection. I really love layering items - something I've brought back with me from living in England. (It was so cold you had too! but it also made for more textured outfits). For Australian weather these pieces are great - their sheer details allow layers under with colour and pattern to come through.

Business attire

There is something to be said about a nice crisp, white collared shirt... preferably with a little bit of detail. I love wearing them over jeans, tucked in with a cute belt or left out falling over my hips. Sometimes I add a brooch for interest or a silk scarf for colour. I love this One Teaspoon shirt (actually a shirt dress to be precise) above. It has a mens style and it's very sexy.


The Oscars

OSCAR FEVER. Wow. I watched the red carpet on E! this morning and was impressed by many a dress. Suprised that Miley picked something so elegant wearing Zuhair Murad. I was disappointed with Jessica Beil's sculpted puffy Prada piece. Frieda Pinto looked just lovely in blue Valentino. Amanda Seyfried's jewellery and shoes matched but her brick red Valentino gown looked too big and swallowed her up. Well that's all for me. I turned it off after watching Robert Pattinson interview with Ryan Seacrest (twice).


Monique Lhuillier

I'dnever heard of the designer Monique Lhuillier until I stumbled across her while browsing through Grazia but her work caught my eye instantly and well was I impressed. She has the "wow" factor. Her Ready-To-Wear collection for AW 09 /10 is simply stunning. Her garments are elegant in style and not one through this collection makes me think otherwise. She creates more than just a pretty evening dress - she works texture into her designs through layering beautiful fabric and overlaying intricate detail with pearls, lace and crystals. Take a look.

Cocktail part-ly

I'm going to a cocktail part-ly tonight (part-ly because it's not a party but it sort of is... get it?). I have a fair few dresses but none are smart-casual enough. It an event after work so I can't be too dressed up or too dressed down. I just love Camilla & Marc's collection for SS 08 / 09 and would gladly wear any of the below to tonights event.


Pepe / Vest

It appears vest are making a come back here. Mostly in the form of crocheted, lacy numbers selling at stupid prices. I was lucky enough to pick up the cutest Pepe Jeans vest in London (Carnaby Lane off Regent Street to be precise). It's loose, cropped and grey-blue with metal bits on the shoulders.

So I was looking through the Pepe Jeans (my new favourite brand) ladies lookbook on their website and loved pretty much everything I saw. Except for the cropped pants with the long crutch - in the Netherlands you could get away with this. Not in Australia. So here are my three favourite outfits for Spring '09. Check out the leather vest on the model in the central photo. Hot.

Boot / Sneaker

Oh why can't the weather be colder here? I'm so over the heat, the humidity and the sun. I would like some shady and cold days please. Someone tell the weather man. Now for these...

If the weather was cooler I could wear boots. My Nike space boots (as seen in the previous post), my soft-core military boots (they're not proper but they are lace up and therefore I think they're a little military in style), my high top ons (sneakers but really canvas boots right? it's still too hot to wear these) and my Mollini leather slim space boots. I want these boots to add to my ever-growing collection that I know can only wear perhaps 1 month of the year.

While shopping today I refrained form purchasing a pair of grungy and fatter looking cons-but-not-cons style boots. I don't think they'd work in my town. In London I wouldn't double take at these but here unfortunately I must. Anyway, I found these while looking through NotCouture one of my all time favourite blogs. I LOVE these Lanvin sneaker boots and I WANT these sneaker boots.


Space Boots

I love my space boots (pictured above in all their silver glory). They are the coolest shoes I've ever owned. They don't sell them in Australia and I'm stoked to have them. They definitely will not be the last pair of Nike kicks I purchase. If you fancy a pair well... head to London. Or your local Nike store.

DVF & The City

I just watched The City on MTV. It's like a side series of The Hills Whitney who is now working for Diane Von Furtensburg. The show is full of New York's socialites and beautiful people. Jay, Whitney's love interest is like.... wow. He's incredibly beautiful. And he's also an Australian!! I think I've come to the conclusion that only beautiful people exist on TV. I don't think it's possible to find them in real life.

Anyway enough of my complaining about beautiful people. I was lucky enough to find a DVF scarf in the vintage markets in Paris. 5 Euros. What a score. Rather wish I'd found this number for that much. Check out this dress by DVF which I just saw walk the catwalk on The City. HOT.


When I was overseas I made it priority to get a leather bracelet or silver pendant in each country I was in. I now have a lovely little collection of pieces I've collected across the globe. I'm back home now but I want to keep adding. Layering necklaces and bracelets is one of my new favourite ways to accessorize outfits.

Check out this robot pendant by Karen Walker ($190). I'm definitely in love with her collection of silver necklaces. Any piece will do but this robot is seriously cool.


Thoughts on Autumn / Winter 2009

I'm seeing it all over again. Summer stuff is going on sale and the first of the new season stock is making it's way into stores. Being in the UK and Europe for Autumn / Winter 08 before the cold seasons hit Australia has its perks. Pretty much all the trends over there for their previous season has made it's way down under and is surfacing to take over stores nationwide.

Here's my pick for what's going to make it in Oz for Autumn / Winter 09.

- check / tartan / plaid
- skinny black jeans
- oversized tee's (rocker prints) and knits
- military style boots and jackets
- leather
- layers - clothes and jewelery
- gothic chic
- 80s inspired looks
- berets
- converse
- dr martens
- patterned boho scarfs
- black tights

and last but not least....


Now, my picks could be wrong of course and bias as to what I prefer but these picks have come from spending 6 months abroad in the cold months. Take it or leave it. I'm just lucky I won't have to vastly change my wardrobe this season as I've brought everything back from Europe!

Gold goodness

I really really really want this ring by Korcula. It's times like these I wish I lived in the US... damn why can't they ship to Australia?! If someone knows any way for me to get this please inform.

Little Black Dress

I want a new little black dress. I have 3... they're getting old. I found this one by Collette Dinnigan (Spring 2009, ready to wear collection) which is of simple design and therefore easy to dress up or down. I want it.


Remembering The Music.

In lue of my much anticipated second time checking out the band The Music live I’m reminiscing while listening to their latest album “Drugs”. This is just one of my very British experiences – one I’ll never forget...

I saw The Music live in Manchester for 5 pounds late last year at a “secret gig” – it wasn’t announced on their latest tour and kick started the hype about the new album. It was incredible and was one of the best live gigs I’ve ever been to. It was in the basement pub of this old building up a back street in Manchesters grungy city centre. I could touch the black ceiling with my hands as I watched, sang and took it all in. It was a cold 7 degrees outside and 40 inside – the atmosphere was thrilling. I was completely drenched by the sweat from the people packed into this tight venue – the bar was only 10 metres behind me. The whole crowd was moshing as The Music intensified. It was one of the most amazing live shows I’ve ever seen. Mancunians are passionate about their music and their gritty city – it was the perfect venue for this very Northern, English rock band.


Park attire

Spotted on the banks of New Farm Park is this very trendy Brisbane local. Check shirt, jeans cut off above the knee, Ray Ban Wayfarers, a fag and most likely an esky full of beer. This is one cool guy - the old school bike and retro haircut complete the outfit. Totally getting my tick of approval even though he has no shoes.


Summer rain

Summer in Australia equals hot, humid and always sunny! If you're up north expect afternoon storms. Anyway, I was looking for a cute little summer dress online but found these rubber sandals instead. Usually I would shun any form of rubber shoe like this (Crocs ruined it for me) but these are so cute, sleek and look very comfortable - perfect for summer and no problem if caught in an afternoon shower! On sale for 75 pounds online at Marni. Unfortunately they don't have an online Australian store so I chose the UK one instead. Get a friend to post them down?


Ray Ban I love you

The 80s also saw Mr Ray Ban in a big way. Although designed in 1952, it wasn't until the 80s that the Wayfarers gained mass popularity - people started rockin the look after they were worn in the movie The Blues Brothers. Ray Ban must've been doing something right when he produced these sunnies that were originally designed for pilots yet loved by all (ok maybe not all, but most - or at least the kids interested enough in looking the part).

The Ray Ban Aviator's also gained a following... well, I don't know how trendy my folks and their friends were but they seemed to be wearing them. I think I want a pair. I'm feeling a little bit sentimental.

It was cool in the 80s

I'm back from my holiday, working less and planning more. I've decided it's time I pulled my finger out and get cracking with this blog of mine. I've found a bunch of old photos that are inspiration to the cause... If only it was a bit cooler so I could layer up! This may have worked better in the freezing temperatures of Paris. Anyway I'll be posting up a bunch of things I find inspirational, interesting, different, whatever. To start with I'm looking back at my folks fashion (as good or as bad as it may be). I think the 80s was cool and ... last I heard it was back in fashion - what a perfect place to start!