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My new outlook on fashion began with the first pair of Wayfarers that I'd purchased in LA. I then lived in Manchester for a while and grew to love the grungy alternative English style. Europe gave me a new perspective on fashion exposing me to styles such as the Spanish hippy and Parisian class. Now I feel more aware of looks, styles and trends and hope to explore those observations through this blog. Enjoy!



Terribly sorry... again.... little access to internet while travelling the world = hardly any time to compose consistent blog entries. I blame to copious amounts of alcohol coupled with the shit loads of fun i'm having. I guess you could say I'm slightly pre-occupied.

I'll be back up and running soon. After my short trip to Manchester (the football is on), a long weekend in London and a week or so in Paris (oh the winter sales). Oh and after that I'll be home... for a bit.


Rastro market

Terribly sorry that my blog has been in limbo for a while... I've started my European trek and have lack of access to computers and such. I chose not to bring my laptop abroad (some may think I'm silly but why would I want to waste my time on the internet when I can be exploring a city).

Anyway so I have found some FANTASTIC places in Madrid, Spain. Places that only locals really know and that tourists don't come across. It helps when you're staying with locals.

Rastro Market (Embajordes) is ace for anything leather, jewellery, hippy clothes, scarfs, hats, general accessories and a bunch of other random things. Watch your bag - this place is a thieves playground. Sundays only - get involved.


Sherlock Holmes

I'm MEGA excited as today I found out that Guy Richie's Sherlock Holmes was being filmed literally just around the corner from my work. How good. I spoke to one of the paparazzi outside wondering what all the fuss was about and he told me. Brilliant? YES! He was waiting for Robert Downey Jr to get into his car... Stupid me didn't stay to watch it. I had my camera ready but felt bad and put it away... So I have some famous people in my area of Manchester (in case you were curious their set is just off Lever Street near Piccadilly Square) including Guy Richie, Jude Law, Rachel McAdams and Robert Downy Jr. Seriously cool indeed.
I wonder if Manchester will now see a whole lot of 1900s style fashion become in vogue? Hmmm they do have the weather for it.
Thank you paparazzi.



That's right kids. Let's talk about GG again. OMFG (oh snap!) I was looking through some blogs (again I know) and came across this site with all these images of my two most favourite and most sexiest GG members Mister Chance Crawford and Mister Ed Westwick not on set but in real life. Yes people they are human too! And they still look as sexy as ever off cam as they do on.

Praise to Karl

No no it's not what you're all thinking.... personally I think Karl's glasses aren't that shmaz. They do suit him and his personality / look / whatever but they just don't go with the suit and retro belt buckle. Just putting it out there. Sorry Karl.

So I would just like to say that Karl Lagerfields Guide to Life is the FUNNIEST blog I've ever read. I absolutely adore every single post. It's quality. And I know I shouldn't be reading it while I'm at work but it's addictive. Things that make me laugh are addictive... this could be a bad thing.

I love the post Skinny Jeans. Pure genius! I think you should all go and read it. It's a good form of procrastination too. Something i'm extremely skilled in.

The men of GG

Thank you Gossip Girl for coming into my life and showing me this fine display of beauty. All you have to do is look at the images above, as does every female on the planet (even the more mature ladies can admire these looks) and your knees buckle. I completely fall over and struggle to get up.

Unfortunately Mr Badgley is taken. I think the Mr Crawford is single as I heard that a while back he broke up with Carrie Underwood and Mr Westwick I hear is single after breaking up with an unknown... O how I will take either. Aren't they just the true looking gentlemen that you know your father would adore.
From top (from those who don't know - and i'd be seriously disappointed if you didn't)
Chance Crawford aka Nate
Ed Westwick aka Chuck Bass
Penn Badgley aka Dan

Fashion... disaster

I can't really talk as my fashion can often be quite conservative (i prefer "classic") which I am on a mission to change as i think i've discussed earlier.. Anyway so while reading white lightening this morning and seeing her update on GG i thoguht i'd do a bit of a trawl through CW's GG image library. I found the above. WHAT THE HELL WAS SHE THINKING. i'm sorry Willa Holland (aka. Agnus) but the black cowboy boots with those foul tie die stockings accompanied with a layered mesh skirt and that sash is totally disgusting. statement, yes. but looks more like she's heading to a bad taste beauty queen party. it's just wrong. i'm done.



I bought this cute bag for £1 at the local second hand store. The shop assistant felt bad that the strap had come off and said she'd give it to me cheaper (the shop sells everything for £3). I stitched it up with navy thread to add some "character detailing". Now considering adding a bow or something... Anyway I was very happy with this purchase as at Pop Boutique just up the road they were selling literally the exact same bag for over £20. How good.



I love French... anything French. The food, the language, the beauty, the fashion.. Ok it’s food mostly. I don’t think I’ll ever able to be as fashionable as the French although i’m trying. Oh and the accent...

True love will find you in the end

Si Scott. You are amazing. I want to meet you. Your work inspires me.

In order from left to right
1. Tank theory
2. True love will find you in the end
3. Electronic poet

Steve Shanyaski

Steve Shanyaski you're so hot. I'm just gonna put it out there. God I have a weakness for men in fitted jeans, funky shoes, British accents and longish hair... especially Mancunians. They've got it goin' on. Anyway I watched Steve from afar last night at a Manchester Comedy Festival show at Frog & Bucket... He turned me into a giggling girl with the funny jokes he made with his cute British accent (seriously ladies, it's hot) about the perks (or not) of going to jail for illegally copying harry potter dvd's. Although I couldn't understand a vast majority of what he said on account of his super fast paced speaking skills but I quickly caught on and found it all quite humorous. He's very witty. That's hot as well. It was a good show and I would definitely see him again.

Simon Degroot

Ok so I caught onto Simon Degroot about two years ago. He is a local Brisbane artist rapidly emerging onto the art scene and doing very very well. I first noticed his paintings on various electrical boxes around the CBD and when a friend told me who this "Simon" was that signed his name on these boxes I had to know more.

A life shaped life. 1200 x 1200 (sold)

To cut a long story short I found some of Simon's work online, contacted the fellow and decided I'd go around to his studio with my mother and art curator aunty to check it out in the flesh (or canvas.. whatever). I liked his work so much I had to have it. I am now the proud owner of two pieces and my mother who quite liked him bought one. The family home now showcases three in total and they've definitely lived up our living space... We boast every time someone comes in and discuss the works. Dad's not a fan but he's a bit more old fashioned - likes the more realistic / formal works (landscapes, portraits etc). Anyway, hopefully I can have a few more Simon Degroots one day. I can't believe (well I can, he's brilliant) how many are selling - his website has "sold" under nearly every painting up. This man is definitely going to be big so if you want to get involved do so FAST.

Forgotten joy

Ah don't you love it when you flick through your ipod and you find an album you haven't listened to in a while (Hot Chip: The Warning)... All of a sudden track 11 "No Fit State" comes on (let's be honest - didn't think I'd make it through to track 11... usually only listen to the first three). And it gets going and all of a sudden you're like "WOW! Why did I never get to this song? It's brilliant". I found joy as the nice little mix of electro pop vibrated through my brain. Definitely a good easy wake up song. It made me happy even as I stood in the highly annoying and overly crowded tram this morning.

Another day. But it's Friday - BRING ON THE WEEKEND BABY.


Why Sass & Bide???

OK so I went shopping at Selfridges a while back in Manchester and have some grief. Sass & Bide marked up their basic skinny jean to like hundreds of pounds..... HELLO S&B you put those on sale in Brisbane for like 30 bucks. I'm upset (and a little envious that you can do so) and yes I know that it costs a bit to ship abroad and yes I know you want to uphold your nice little exclusive image but that's so unfair. A simple Australian girl like myself wants to buy your clothes but on account of the shit exchange rate and mark up in designer clothes ... I can't afford it. I now resort to Primark where you can for example (see below) get wellies for 8 quid. They're much more useful in the rain than soggy jeans anyway...

That's my bitch for the day.

Boots 2

Ah ok so I found these the other day once again through Not Couture by Keller for their new S/S '08 collection.

I think they'd look super cute with a little floaty off white dress ... floaty like smockish not tight.

Not Who?

I'm totally obsessed with Not Couture. It's the best blog / website ever created. It has EVERYTHING. Fashion, style, design, culture, food, alcohol... and other stuff like little nifty gadgets and yeh. It's the best site for wasting time (that's a good thing).

Example: I was able to get from their site to see the coolest boots by Chronicles of Never .... ahh so good.

How hot are these booties I want to be an elf now..
Actually I was once and Mum made the cutest outfit but that's another story...

It began with Wayfarers

(O yeah far left, that's me)

It's been a slow start in my fashion stakes... being in the design industry I think brings it to full frontal. You're comfronted by beautiful people every day. That usually can put an outfit together so well! I feel the need to attempt to become more stylish so i'm hitting up designers websites and checking out the worldwide talent. Absolutely loving Tavi the Style Rookie who is my inspiration. Can you believe i'm taking fashion tips from a 12 year old? She is totally brilliant though and I dig her style. Rookie? I dunno...

From Tavi the Style Rookie

So after reading Tavi's blog and others I decided that it was imperative I start up a new one. I just got the urge. I think it's like a new calling or something.. or an old calling getting louder.

It began with my first pair of wayfarers.
Made in Italy - Ray Ban Wayfarers.

They are (also) my inspiration. I think my mother may have had a pair in her chic cool 80s days... I love how fashion does the rounds.

Anyway so Ray Ban Wayfarers have become such iconic sunglasses that even the greatest stars have a pair. Rock stars, movie stars, fashion icons, fashionistas, men, women, teenagers, children... everybody who's anybody who's slightly interested in current trends and fashion has a pair. Sienna, Heath (RIP), Kate, Micha, LiLo, Nicole... even Paris (although I think she copied off Nicole) has a pair... If you're a true lover of this movement then you have a real pair. I myself was once given a pair of fake ones... they were okay for a festival where you don't want your glasses getting trashed but absolutely nothing beats the Italian make of REAL Wayfarers.
I don't think there is any other style of sunglasses that truely compares... Aviators (thank you Mr. Cruise) have come close - Ray Ban also famously invented those babies.

So yeh. My (late) jump into the fashion circuit started with the purchase of my very first tortise shell (sad I didn't go black but I'm blonde and it suits me better anyway) Ray Ban Wayfarers in none other than sunny Los Angeles. No regrets. My Wayfarers are hot and I definitely feel trendy in them.

So now that i've started to be a bit more experimental with fashion (thank you Manchester for helping me out here) lets see how I get on. And let's have a look at what inspires or dispises me along the way...