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My new outlook on fashion began with the first pair of Wayfarers that I'd purchased in LA. I then lived in Manchester for a while and grew to love the grungy alternative English style. Europe gave me a new perspective on fashion exposing me to styles such as the Spanish hippy and Parisian class. Now I feel more aware of looks, styles and trends and hope to explore those observations through this blog. Enjoy!


Julie Grbac

I was at Pecha Kucha a couple nights ago and listened to many great presentations. One in particular - fashion designer, winner of Australia Project Runway 2008 Julie Grbac - is well worth mentioning. Firstly she's just so damn cute. Secondly, her designs are beautiful. I love the way she folds fabric to create such intriguing pieces. Thirdly... Well you just need to check her out!

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Collette Dinnigan

Ah Collette Dinnigan seriously never fails to impress me (ok except for a particular Summer 08 RTW number that included lace and sequen and DJ's weren't hanging it properly thus it fell apart....)

Back on topic, Dinnigan's Autumn/Winter 09/10 RTW is so so lovely. The pieces have class, style and edge. It's another beautifully created collection and I would gladly enjoy any item.

Pip Edwards

Fashion stylist to the stars, Australia Pip Edwards is obviously doing something right. She hooked up with Ksubi's Dan Single and get's to play dress up with people like Cameron Diaz. Anyway, I just like her hair... Oh I guess she looks alright too.



One of the things that reminds me most of England is the brand Diesel. I don't know specifically why but I guess I just saw it quite a bit. Working in a design firm exposes it more - they're really keen on Diesel jeans and wear them a fair bit...

I remember walking into Covent Gardens Diesel shop and just loving it. The shop fit out was impressive - there was a lot of timber and a spiral staircase lined with mirrors, some cool lighting and warm colours. It reminded me a bit of a farm house. I love Diesels urban street style. They have a lot of stylish pieces that last over the seasons. Anyway, so their Black Gold Fall 09 RTW collection rocks. (Oh yeh, and it's a little grunge - another reason why I'm drawn to it.)


Tina Kalivas

, / Zarafshan collection / Pretty sick clothes....
(click to enlarge)

Cool website too! http://www.tinakalivas.com


I'm seriously loving the "grunge" look lately. I'm trying to rock it out a bit more... not entirely sure how successful it is but at least I'm experimenting. I'll add eyeliner, dark shadow, messy hair and a black leather vest... it goes alright.

Alexander Wang Spring 09 RTW is hot. The minimal grunge works well. Would love the jacket below. If only I had endless amounts of money...


Leighton Meester for Reebok

Damn can Leighton Meester get any cute? Never would've picked her for the new Reebok shoot (honestly just didn't think she did this style) but she looks good (as usual).

Man style: Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson epitomizes perfection. In beauty, in style, in fashion. Mostly in looks. He is my ideal male specimen. Damn Kristen Stewart is lucky.

Pattinson has the man style going on. He always looks hot. Check out the layered outfit below. Unfortunately with Queensland weather it isn't quite possible to ever really do. However when able to, should do. Boys you should take note, Mr Pattinson does it well. And wins the ladies.

Nicole Richie style

I really like Nicole Richie's style. She dresses exactly how i like to dress. She's got a little hippy, a little rocker, a little casual, a little neat. She generally looks hot. Joel did good things for her.

Also, heck out her jewelery collection through Kitson called House of Harlow 1960 - it's exactly what i like. Here's a sneak peak:

Oh and you can also check out this Nicole Richie Fashion blog i found that's all about her style!


Leather rocks

I had the coolest outfit on today (if I do say so myself) ... I unfortunately didn't get a photo but I can try describe it to you...
- slightly faded black skinny jeans
- 1980s vintage cream loose vest-top, lace on front panels, capped sleeves, gold and cream buttons
- simple black leather biker vest
- black leather Mollini slim and short biker looking boots over jeans
- various leather bracelets and wrist trinkets, black stud earrings, two gold rings

It is my most favourite outfit thus far.... Oh and I got my bangs chopped back in (hair not redone thus bad regrowth). I had a few odd looks from my co-workers.... I guess I'm probably one of the more casual dressers of the office... I'm a regular jeans wearer. Either that or they don't quite fancy the new hair...

Anyway, enough blabble (yes, that's how i spell and say it too).
Here's to leather making a come back!

The Jackets
Both William Rast, Fall 09 RTW
(I couldn't decide they're both gorgeous!)

The Skirt
Michael Kors, Fall 09 RTW

The Pants
Jenni Kayne, Fall 09 RTW

I couldn't find a vest from a fall 09 collection... must get a photo of mine to put up (although it isn't designer, or new... but sometimes that isn't everything.)


Spanish Moss Vintage

I came across this Spanish Moss Vintage brand while searching for vintage items on ebay. They have the most amazing collection of vintage - 1920s to the grunge era - outfits i've ever seen! Their one off items are priced well and they ship internationally! Check out below some of the things they have on sale (via eBay) at the moment.