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My new outlook on fashion began with the first pair of Wayfarers that I'd purchased in LA. I then lived in Manchester for a while and grew to love the grungy alternative English style. Europe gave me a new perspective on fashion exposing me to styles such as the Spanish hippy and Parisian class. Now I feel more aware of looks, styles and trends and hope to explore those observations through this blog. Enjoy!


I really do love lace

No need to comment on why... this is just stunning.

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Tink in My Closet said...

Lace is perfection.


tonia fashion tour said...

Totally agree!!!i loveeeee lace!!!i think is so elegant!!!!
kisses xxx

follow me if you want!!

In-tree-gue said...

Lace is amazing. You can wear it with boyish shorts and deconstructed jackets and be all CdG or wear it as is and make it super victorian and girly. I love lace

Anthony Lee said...

lace is beautiful.

loveee your blog!
im following :)
please visit my blog,
its our anniversary today