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My new outlook on fashion began with the first pair of Wayfarers that I'd purchased in LA. I then lived in Manchester for a while and grew to love the grungy alternative English style. Europe gave me a new perspective on fashion exposing me to styles such as the Spanish hippy and Parisian class. Now I feel more aware of looks, styles and trends and hope to explore those observations through this blog. Enjoy!


Cheap Mondays

I bought myself 2 pairs of Cheap Mondays while in Melbourne. Size 25 in the light semi acid wash and 26 in the dark denim. Yes one of the legs on the lighter jeans was slightly longer than the other and yes the stitching has already come loose on the Cheap Monday's logo patch on the darks but I still love them. They are so damn comfortable and feel like leggings. And the were $90. I will consider taking the sewing machine to both to fix their faults but... it possibly adds character?

Here's some images from their latest collection - Autumn 09.
I love them (even for all their faults).


Oh AND I found out that you never need to wash your jeans - just chuck them in a freezer bag and in the freezer for a few hours and the bacteria is killed thus making your jeans cold and fresh again. Neat right?

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Ash Fox said...

wow that freezer idea is brilliant! love your blog! i'm adding you to my roll.