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My new outlook on fashion began with the first pair of Wayfarers that I'd purchased in LA. I then lived in Manchester for a while and grew to love the grungy alternative English style. Europe gave me a new perspective on fashion exposing me to styles such as the Spanish hippy and Parisian class. Now I feel more aware of looks, styles and trends and hope to explore those observations through this blog. Enjoy!


So Frenchy, So Chic

So... incase you haven't noticed I'm kinda immersing myself in all things French! Not just because I (deep down I don't like admitting this because some of the people were really damn rude) like Paris.... But I want to work there one day and so I've enrolled in a course to learn the language, downloaded a heap of podcasts, bought the album "So Frenchy, So Chic". Getting right into it no? And also the other day I watched this most gorgeous French movie called Vénus beauté (institut) with Audry Tautou. Ohhh she's so adorable!! I love her innocence in this film she was such a sweet character.

In light of this I have embarked to know more about
Mademoiselle Tautou. She's just so gorgeous - she has a real classic beauty about her that I can't say I see in many actors these days.

(that dress like wow - did they hand sew all those discs on?!)

(her face is flawless - this dress is so soft and beautiful - so complimentry)

(wish I had legs like her damn)


(naw stop it you)

So yes, that's Audrey for you. Stunning and sweet. And French. And famous.... What a lucky girl. Pourquoi pas moi?


Erina said...

I love Audrey! She is such a cutie! I love the b&w picture at the top! Thanks for your comment! :)

Hanako66 said...

oh I just adore her!